Basement conversion

Basement Solutions: Keeping Your Space Dry and Comfortable

It’s not uncommon for basements or cellars to be dark, damp, and dank, making them unsuitable for storage or spending time in. Instead of leaving that space unused or even a potential hazard, many people choose to transform it into a habitable, dry and comfortable environment.  

Basement conversions range from basic renovations to more extensive projects that require excavation and expansion to increase the height of a basement for livability. If you already have a basement that’s damp or unused, chances are it hasn’t been waterproofed. Before starting your basement conversion project, we may need to implement the following basement waterproofing measures to ensure your basement stays dry and comfortable:

What is a Basement Conversion?

  • Basement Tanking: A technique used to protect basements from water damage by applying a waterproof coating or installing a polypropylene studded sheet to create a barrier on walls, floors, and ceilings. 
  • Basement Repairs: Our professional basement refurbishment company offers repair services that prevent water intrusion, poor drainage, or burst pipes from being a persistent issue.
  • Interior Drainage: We install sump pumps to manage groundwater levels, keeping your basement dry and protected from flooding. 
  • Structurally Integral Protection: If you want an extension to your basement, our basement conversion specialists will use waterproofing materials and techniques during construction to prevent water ingress from the start.
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Is Waterproofing My Basement Worth it?

Basement waterproofing is not only a worthwhile investment in your property, but often a necessary measure to prevent mould and fungal rot infestations. If you have noticed signs of moisture such as damp walls, puddles of water, or flooding during heavy rains, waterproofing your basement is likely essential. These symptoms indicate that water is finding its way into your basement, which can lead to more serious issues like structural damage and mould growth.

Even if your basement does not show obvious signs of water damage, waterproofing can be a preventive measure to protect your home’s foundation, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy rain or flooding.

Is My Basement at Risk of Flooding?

Your basement may be at risk of flooding if you have issues with pipes, failure with the foundation drainage system, neglected foundation maintenance, or sewage backup. ABS Basement Services, a leading basement refurb company, is here to help when your basement floods, working tirelessly to resolve the issue and return things back to normal as quickly as possible.

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