Basement Tanking Cellar Waterproofing Damp Proofing London South East
Basement Tanking Cellar Waterproofing Damp Proofing London South East
Basement Tanking Cellar Waterproofing Damp Proofing London South East


If you are looking to add new space to your home then a basement is an ideal way to do this. While we usually hear about basements more in America, it can also be done in the UK – even if you don’t have one already. This is called a retrofit basement.

A retrofit basement is something that we can do here for you at ABS Basement Solutions and is essentially when it is excavated beneath your house or in your garden. You can then use this space for anything from an extra bedroom to a living space or even a swimming pool room. A retrofit is likely to add a lot more value to your home and offer a whole new area to use, without any external changes to your home. It is also a lot less pricey than the cost of moving might be.

A retrofit basement is also relatively economical as it is mostly self-regulating. The important thing with a retrofit is to ensure that you have it underpinned and waterproofed to the proper specification so that it is safe and made to last.

Here at ABS Basement Systems, we can provide all of the structural design, construction and waterproofing for your new retrofit ensuring it is ready for you to use. Whether you are looking to add light-wells, stairs or different entrances, we are on hand to make your vision a reality.

Refurbishing a Basement or Cellar

If you already have a cellar or basement then you won’t need a retrofit, but we can help you turn it into an ideal living space. No matter the purpose you are after for your basement, we can make it come to life. A basement or cellar conversion can be completed in just a few weeks depending on the complexity of the case. A standard conversion including fitting the pumping system, digging out the sump and making it fit for living in can be completely finished in a month or two. If you need to underpin the current structure that is there then it can take longer. We can come and view your cellar or basement and give you a quote and an estimated time frame on how long the job is expected to take.

We are experts in the refurb and refit of basements and can assist with everything from the design to the construction and the waterproofing. Give us a call or email us today for a no-obligation quote and to find out just how we can help you

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