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Basement Pumps / Cellar Sump Pumps

Sump pump stations are an effortless way to remove unwanted water from your cellar / basement. Here at ABS Basement Systems, we offer a comprehensive waterproofing service that incorporates all elements required such as system design, installation and servicing.

Basement sump pumps are often installed with a discreet subfloor perimeter drainage channel that collects water at your room perimeters and carries it to the sump location. To provide drywall and floor surfaces, ABS Basement Systems fit a sealed Cavity Drainage Membrane System that provides a robust inner lining. This is resistant to damp and water vapour and provides a reliable barrier to damp.

The job of a basement / cellar sump pump is to essentially direct water away from the house and to an area where it is no longer an issue. There are two main types of a sump pump – a pedestal sump pump and a submersible sump pump. A pedestal sump pump is more economical and it has an exposed motor which makes it easier for repairs to take place if needed.

A submersible basement sump pump is more visually appealing as the sump pump is completely mounted inside the sump and sealed (unlike the pedestal pump which has an exposed motor and is mounted above the sump.) The submersible sump pump might cost more but is quieter, less obtrusive and should last longer too.

We are leading London based, experts in basement convertions, basement pumps and cellar sump pump systems.

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As a family business, we take great pride in all that we do and we know that each project is unique. Because of this, we offer a bespoke and completely personal service the whole way through a project. We have 99% feedback via MyBuilder and work to ensure this high standard is something we always achieve.

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