Domestic Basement Waterproofing

In order to avoid your basement flooding, it is important that you invest in domestic basement waterproofing. This will ensure that your basement is protected against water should it be susceptible to flood otherwise. 

There are three main types of protecting your basement against future flooding First is a barrier system, secondly a structurally integral system and finally is a drained system. The most traditional method tended to be the first or last, but advancements in materials and approaches have meant that more durable waterproofing membranes can be used on the walls in the first place.

Drainage blankets and other combined systems are also used – for example, the addition of a structurally integral system can help protect against water ingress. It is important that your basement is analysed by an expert such as us here at ABS Basement Systems to see what the best solution is for your property.

We check each case that comes to us on a unique basis as we know that no two basements are the same and shouldn’t be treated that way. We will utilise our extensive experience and knowledge to recommend the best method for domestic basement waterproofing for you.

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As a family business, we take great pride in all that we do and we know that each project is unique. Because of this, we offer a bespoke and completely personal service the whole way through a project. We have 99% feedback via MyBuilder and work to ensure this high standard is something we always achieve.

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