Penetrating Damp Basement Tanking Cellar Waterproofing Damp Proofing London South East
Penetrating Damp Basement Tanking Cellar Waterproofing Damp Proofing London South East
Penetrating Damp Basement Tanking Cellar Waterproofing Damp Proofing London South East

Penetrating Damp

If you find that your walls are damp and leaking then it could be that you have penetrating damp. This is often the first sign and means that you need to get it sorted out as soon as possible to prevent the issue from getting any worse. Penetrating damp can also be known as “lateral damp” and is when moisture gets into your building through the walls, roof or floor.

If left untreated it can cause a myriad of problems, from aesthetic issues to your home to health issues such as asthma or skin irritations. Unlike rising damp which tends to just occur lower down and rise from the floor, penetrating damp can occur at any height or level and can be quick to spread to large areas. Once you notice penetrating damp it is important to get help as soon as possible. If you aren’t quite sure what to look for when trying to identify penetrating damp, the following can help:

– Your wall plaster is showing signs of damage or salt residue on the surface that has occurred from the water bringing in natural salts

– If there are random patches of wetness on your walls that you can’t seem to dry and don’t know why

– If there is a musty smell to your basement or cellar

– If you spot any moult growing

– If there are tide marks or discolouration on your walls

– If your skirting boards or floorboards show signs of decay or warping

If you spot penetrating damp you might wonder how it is getting in. it is important to check things such as window frames for any cracks or gaps that water might get in. You also need to check external walls for any cracks or missing pieces or cement, and external gutters and drains that might be leaking. Ensure that they aren’t blocked as this could cause water to back up into your basement or cellar.

Here at ABS Basement Solutions our expert and highly experienced team can help you to get rid of your penetrating damp problem as soon as you spot it in your cellar or basement. We will come to your property and do a survey to find out just what is going on. Using tried and tested methods and equipment we will get rid of the damp and also prevent it from happening again. We can use a technique such as applying a physical membrane to the walls that acts as a barrier between damp and your space, so it is completely protected from the moisture that attempts to get in.

If you are looking to get your penetrating damp sorted then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ABS Basement Systems today. We are just a phone call away – we would love to answer any questions you might have and can show you just how we can help you.

Basement Tanking Waterproofing Damp Proofing London

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