Rising Damp
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Rising Damp

Damp on Walls

If you are starting to see signs of damp on your walls then it is time to get your basement or cellar damp proofed. It is when these signs first begin to appear that people turn to damp proofing, but it is important to try and identify the issue before it becomes evident. Without proper treatment, you might find that people in your household suffer from worsened asthma symptoms and higher energy bills due to poor energy efficiency.

If your paint has started to bubble or peel on your walls or if it has become discoloured, then these are signs that damp is beginning to creep through. If you find that damp on walls is a big issue and it keeps returning then it is a good idea to call in professionals such as us here at ABS Basement Solutions. We can work to identify the root cause of the damp and treat it. By cutting it off at the source we can ensure that it doesn’t come back and is gone for good. This will benefit your health, the space you live in and your bills too!

If you have got damp on walls in your basement or cellar, please get in touch with us via phone or email today as we would be more than happy to help. Our experienced and dedicated team have over thirty years of experience within the field and would love to assist.

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